Samples of My Work

Thanks for your interest in my work. Here are just a few samples of marketing communications projects I have created or managed. You’ll find many writing and strategy samples in this collection.


SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler

Here you’ll find samples from my current marketing management role. I manage a staff of professionals to produce video, photography, graphic design, print promotional materials, direct mail, web sites (most recent is with two other sites currently in development), social media marketing, SEO optimization, paid digital campaigns, magazine advertising, and marketing automation.


I conducted market research to create a client marketing proposal for this commercial video production company. I’ve included the proposal and the video script for the commercial project.


I consulted with this technology company for over a year. I've included a press release, a site content review, terminology map. I edited site content, including product headlines, tag lines, and short descriptors. I also created detailed services and product descriptions and a library of content for use in proposal writing company-wide.

Central Florida Media Group

I assisted a new media business start up with writing and creative design of marketing communications including media kits and other sales tools.

One Point of Contact

I wrote marketing content, consulted on marketing strategies, web development, and social media for this telecommunications company. Included here is a case study, brochure, and web content outline.


This company needed a quick turnaround for web content writing and edited project for a social media services business start up.


These samples highlight some of my story-telling skills. I wrote scripts and press releases, edited marketing materials and sales presentations for this specialty real estate legal services start-up. Here is a press release and notes from a mission statement development process.