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Music runs in the family. Growing up, my father was a minister of music and I have six musical siblings and two musical children. I played the French Horn and sang growing up but soon after beginning college left music behind for other endeavors. 

I began participating in worship about seven years ago at The Covenant Center. The format of worship there is generally spontaneous worship, so I have a lot of practice with that type of "prophetic music." I currently am learning to play keyboards for my team and I am really enjoying the creative stretch.

Crept up on me
Divine subtleties
Love rooted deep
A bruised reed
— lyrics from blossoming

I also play guitar (badly) but picked it up because of a lifelong desire to write songs. And I have written about twenty songs, which is not much by any songwriting standard! However, I do hope to share them soon and will be recording a small project over the summer called blossoming.

In the meantime, you can hear me in various recordings of worship at The Covenant Center or around Lakeland from time to time with other local artists. 

worship music

I participate in worship at The Covenant Center in Lakeland, Florida. We primarily do completely spontaneous music, so it's a lot of fun! You can listen to worship meetings online.

We recently released this project and will be recording more.

I led vocals on the second track of this project, entitled Rejoice.

You can listen to the entire project on the church web site, or purchase it for download.