ordained minister

healing ministry

Learning and practicing the ways in which God heals is my passion. I have experienced incredible healing, particular inner healing, in my walk with the Lord. I have studied more recent leaders in healing ministry like: Francis MacNutt, Tilda Norberg, Agnes Sanford, David Seamands, Dan Allender and Larry Crabb. I am grateful also for the significant training in healing prayer through the Healing Academy of Asbury Theological Seminary.

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prophetic ministry

I am also trained and practiced in prophetic ministry which is intimately connected to healing prayer. Another of my passions is to help others learn to hear God and develop an intimacy in their daily walk with Jesus. I have trained at The Covenant Center in Lakeland, Florida, where I attended a two-year ministry school and more practicums than I can count! In addition to the incredible opportunity to practice spiritual gifts that is afforded by this small community, I have learned much from: Doug Addison, John and Paul Sanford, Loren Sanford, Barbie Breathitt, Graham Cooke, and Kris Vallaton.


I am available for personal ministry through the Counseling Center at The Covenant Center. My ministry strengths include: healing prayer ministry appointments, spiritual direction, pastoral care and mentoring for those who are seeking to identify and accelerate into their gifts and callings. I am available in person or via Skype. Please request a personal appointment through the Covenant Counseling Center.



I love to study and share what I am learning. I am nearing completion of my Masters of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary. These days, while I am learning a great deal, I don't always have time to write or teach. I have an interest in theology, but specifically in how to apply scriptural insight into our lives now. I am interested Hebraic studies and concepts and fascinated by the differences in our current worldview and philosophies about life as compared to what the scriptural authors would have ascribed to. Those world views have been lost to us in many ways, but advances in socio-historic research and understanding are shedding incredible light on what Jesus and scripture were actually conveying in context. My favorite current theologians include N.T. Wright, Baxter Kruger and Skip Moen. 

I also have studied women's scriptural issues for over seven years. For information, visit the Let Them Have Dominion section of this web site.

training and ordination

I have been an ordained minister of the The Covenant Center since 2008 and I completed the Covenant Counseling Apprenticeship Program in 2013. As a current Masters of Divinity student at Asbury Theological Seminary, I have taken courses in Pastoral Care and have been a part of the Asbury Healing Academy since Fall 2012.

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