genesis 1:26

women's studies

When I first decided to follow Christ, I had some things I wanted to discuss with Him. Namely, I began asking God to show me what he thought of me as a woman. The experiences I had growing up in church and at home as a "preacher's kid" did not help me to trust in God as being for me and my wellbeing as a woman.

When I did begin to study, an incredible world opened up to me where God did value and honor me, did love me, and did not curse me by making me a female. As thrilled as I was to begin to learn what scripture really says about women, I also went through a lot of anger and, actually, grieving. I grieved that I had believed the lies and mistranslations of scripture that are still rampant in many parts of the church. I grieved that I had carried the fear and shame placed on me by those false teachings. And I grieved that I had lived so many years thinking that God must really not love me if he made me a woman.

My hope is to reach those women who were wounded or are being wounded by those same lies today. I want to share a scriptural foundation for equality, and the good news that Jesus, as the perfect representation of God the Father, radically embraced and empowered women. He sets the oppressed and marginalized free. 

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book club

Join us the 4th Saturday of each month for our book club. Currently we are working through Guardian Angel by Skip Moen.

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video resource

These two videos below are a short 2-part series on Women in Ministry.

Bible scholar Ben Witherington is Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and on the doctoral faculty at St. Andrews University in Scotland.