The Orphaned Heart: Healing Our Distorted Images Of God

I shared recently on distorted images of God and orphan heart and then we all prayed for each other as we let some of those distortions go.

A good sign that you have a distorted image of God as Father (or Mother/Parent) is if you think or feel that God as Father would behave toward you in some way other than the way Jesus would. If you've seen the Son, you've seen the Father.

There's no good cop, bad cop routine here. Jesus is not somehow standing between you and God as a wall of defense or begging the Father to love you even though He doesn't want to. God's heart toward you is the heart that Jesus displayed toward us when He was on the earth, and now.

If Jesus forgives and heals, it's because He is the perfect representation of God and Holy Spirit. The things you see Jesus doing in the gospels are what God does. Their characters are one, because God is one. Sometimes our father woundings (or wounds from mothers, teachers, pastors or other authority figures) cause us to believe things about God that just aren't true.

But, Holy Spirit can reveal and God heals, just ask.

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